How to Own a Home by the Age of 25


25 is typically an age when grown up adults have great passion and zeal to do something extraordinary in life. They are occupied with out-of-the-box concepts, and since most of the students complete their professional qualification by now, they look out for bright career options and a complete hold on their life. They have a notion at this age that they should lead their parents and not the vice versa. Hence, most of the children move out of their house to earn and live independently.DSCN5502If you too are in your 20s, you might also be facing some similar thoughts. But, do you think living all alone on your own, is that easy? When we are in a protected world with our family, we feel that everything is so easy and could be achieved with the blink of an eye. However, when we actually step out in the real world, it is then, when we get to know the real meaning of what life is. Owing a home at 25 is not easy, but it is not impossible as well. If you have clearly made up your mind to move out, here is all what that you should know. –

First of all, you should understand the fact that you have limited resources. You might have just started your first job. So, you cannot afford to switch from one property to another in a frequent row. Simply choose one, and choose right. To begin with, ask yourself the following questions –

  • Where to buy the home? (Generally, property in Ghaziabad is any other property in the entire Delhi NCR region.)
  • Do you want to live in the suburbs?
  • What is the maximum budget? Etc.

Depending on the answers to these questions, you can, not just rent, but ‘own’ a home. As stated above, you might have just begun your career. Therefore, your income might not be sufficed for owning a home. However, you can try saving every month and look out for some affordable housing projects that will help you live the life you want.

Raj Nagar Extension and NH 24 can be a feasible optionDSCN5499

Although Ghaziabad is known for its multifarious lucrative markets, yet Raj Nagar Extension and NH 24 are two major locations, where you can easily own a house at such a young age. Both of these locations host several housing projects that commit superb affordability and lavish facilities to its buyers. To begin with, you can search for River Heights and GolfLinks project. These projects offer you the most feasible range of 1 bhk flats in Ghaziabad, coupled with all the necessary facilities that modern adults like you, need. Save for a basic deposit first and pay the rest amount later. Finally, you’ll have a home earned by your money.


Buy Your Dream Homes at Expressway of Ghaziabad


0Y5A2657Due to increasing ribbon development in the real estate sector, potential home buyers are becoming more interested in purchasing properties near or at the expressways. One such development is NH24 in Ghaziabad that runs entirely in the state of Uttar Pradesh and connects you to major cities, such as Indirapuram, Noida, Delhi etc. Hence, buying a Property in Ghaziabad near the expressway is highly beneficial, both for your pocket as well as for your living standards.

So, if you are eagerly looking for a ‘home sweet home’, NH 24 should be amongst the top priority locations that offer you sumptuous living facilities. Here are some of the reasons that justify the same –

  • Offers quick connectivity to Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad etc.
  • The property rates are considerably lower than that in Noida or Delhi.
  • Very close to proposed metro station.
  • The entire area is future ready with great friendliness towards environment.

This clearly implies that purchasing flats in NH 24 is a worthy deal. But, having a home here is not enough; you need to select the right housing project that fulfills your idea of a dream home. As per market reports, GolfLinks is one of the most promising projects that provides you with a contemporary lifestyle. Hence, if you are someone, who looks forward to a high quality life, this residential project is the right option for you.

Major Features

Although the project is vested with ‘n’ number of features, yet we have mentioned the major ones that attract a huge proportion of the prospective home buyers.

  1. Variety of Properties

The project offers you a variety of residential properties, such as flats/ apartments, plots, villas and shops, which makes it the ideal destination for purchasing the right match, as per your needs,specifications and budget.

  1. Unique Range of Features

The project is associated with a number of features that together combine to form a highly fulfilling and sumptuous living. This is why more and more customers are showing their inclination towards the said project. Some of the prominent features include – Medical Facilities in Close Proximity

  • Ample parking spaces
  • Modern gymnasium
  • Swimming pool
  • Earthquake resistant structures
  • Close proximity to markets, medical facilities and others
  • Located in the vicinity of reputed schools and colleges
  1. Luxuriously Affordable

The project offers you the most luxurious, yet affordable range of 3 or 2 bhk flats in Ghaziabad. Hence, even if you have a tight budget, you can still get access to an amazing range of properties that would help you lead a king-size life.

To put it in simple words, GolfLinks at NH24 is the perfect match for your desires of a perfect home.

Ghaziabad Real Estate: Established and Developing Township on NH 24 – LandCraft GolfLinks


Market gurus often regard NH 24 as the most viable realty hub for low and middle segment individuals of the society. Thus, its potential to fulfill the demand for affordable housing cannot be scrupled. In a way, this housing corridor is a boon to those, who have been looking for a lavish, yet budget-friendly ‘home sweet home’. So, if you are passionately looking out for an attractive property in Ghaziabad, here is all what you should know.0Y5A2613A Sneak Peek into NH24

Before buying a home in Ghaziabad or any random place, it is very important to get involved in some sort of research about the current property rate, locality, class of gentry etc. Hence, if you are considering flats in NH 24, as one of the housing options, it is recommended to stick to it. You need not to compare or investigate about other regions, as this place will offer you every little thing that helps you convert a house into a home.

  • Projects established near this place, not only enjoy the perks of highway connectivity, but also proves beneficial for the proximity to Delhi, Noida, Gurugram etc.
  • The appreciation received by the investors, buyers and developers in NH 24 was registered to be quite appealing in the past decade; and with the growing townships, this ROI or appreciation would get bigger and bigger with time.
  • The only problem that the residents were facing was the interminable traffic jams. However, with the widening of NH 24, this problem will soon be vanished.
  • Another major advantage of living here is its economic growth. The place offers you a killer combination of environmental protection facilities, public utilities, administrative services, logistics and social infrastructure.

Purchasing flats in Ghaziabad (NH 24) is thus, the finest decision that will keep providing you with ‘returns’ until the end of time. But, before you make the final decision, you should look forward to the most appreciated township project in Ghaziabad.0Y5A2562LandCraft GolfLinks

With its unmatched housing quality, luxury living commitment and solid structures, this township project has evolved as the indestructible brand that has no match in the market. It offers you an exciting range of affordable plots, villas and 2 bhk flats in Ghaziabad. Thus, it can be rightly said that the search for a magnificent and lavish home in Ghaziabad, ends here. All you need is to book your flat as early as possible.

Face Off Between Ready to Move in and Under Construction Flats


A genuine question that for sure create a situation of the dilemma for almost all home aspirants individuals whether to opt for ready to move flats in Delhi NCR or go for an under-construction one. Since today buyer is in a state that makes them concern for their hard earned money. This is the reason they want to play safe before coming to any conclusion after taking an assessment of risk-to-reward ratio. As both these property types serve and suit different purposes and intents, it is extremely imperative for a home dreamer to be aware of every small aspect of Under construction and Ready to move property. Here is a ready guide to help you take the final decision.

Under-Construction Flats
Buying an under-construction property has become one of the easiest ways to accomplish the dream of having own flat these days. This proposition in real estate comes with cheaper as well as compiled with certain risks also. Buying such property create a win-win situation for those who want to earn higher ROI.1Ready-to-move-in Flats
Due to the significant delays in project deliveries in the last few years, home buyers have increasingly started preferring ready units. This property option is considered to be an ideal one for those want to buy their first-ever property.

Comparison Chart
Buying flats in Ghaziabad are the most exciting yet rigorous process one has to go through to decide which one suits their desire cheap possible way. Let’s take a look at a few points that home buyers have and how they can choose the one that suits them the best based on their requirements.

Factors Under-Construction Ready-To-Move
Property Price Discount over Market Price Higher Than Market Price
Fund Security Risky Very Secure
Possession Delay Immediate
Construction Quality Check Verifiable during possession Verifiable before purchase
Infrastructure Not Present Present
Return On Investment High Average(More Than Investment)
Loan Facility Depends Always Available
Risk High Low
Suitable For Investor/Property Dealer End-User

The comparison between the two clearly indicates from the various angle that if you want to buy the property from an investment point of view then purchasing an under construction one will make sense for your investment prospects. However, if you are looking the property for consumption purpose,  then buying a Ready to Move Flats in Raj Nagar Extension makes more sense and also gained a center of attraction for those looking for affordable flats in their budget.

Being a property aspirant we always possess a tendency to grab the best deal anyhow whether they get it from making the investment in 2 bhk flats in Ghaziabad or consider the under-construction option. Since you investing your savings of life it’s indeed to make great use of it after considering all the aspects in detailed concentration.

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Book Your Dream Home Now in Delhi NCR with Landcraft


2018 has definitely turned out to be a terrific year for home buyers in Delhi NCR. As per market gurus, it is clearly a buyer’s market (for upcoming few quarters), which allows the potential customers to grab a great deal at higher ROI. Thus, the demand for property in Ghaziabad and other NCR regions is amplifying at a speedy rate. So, all you buyers out there need to hurry and book your dream home as soon as possible. The appropriate rates, modern facilities and lavish housing solutions may not fall in your kitty, if you miss this opportunity.
Out of various real estate builders, Landcraft has emerged as the supernova that offers remarkable living solutions in Ghaziabad. This city connects you to Delhi and all other major cities, including those of NCR. Hence, it could be the ideal place for you and your family to accommodate. It can be thus, rightly said that Landcraft is the sure-shot solutions to all your housing needs in Ghaziabad. No matter, you are looking for 1, 2, 3 or 4 bhk flats in Ghaziabad; Landcraft will serve you right for a king-size living.

Reasons to Book Home with Landcraft

Listed below are few of the most significant reasons that justify why purchasing flats with Landcraft is a thoughtful decision –

  1. Easy Booking Of Flats
    First and foremost, it should be clearly understood that booking any kind of property, such as 2 bhk flats in Ghaziabad, is super easy with Landcraft. There is seriously no hassle in booking your dream home. Also, you can simply pay just 20% of the total amount at the time of booking. So, you won’t have any burden to pay the lump sum amount at once.
  2. Modern Facilities and Features
    Welcome your family to a world of facilities that is perfectly aligned with contemporary, fulfilling lifestyle. Some of the facilities are mentioned as under –
    • Swimming pool
    • Close proximity to your respective workplace in Delhi, Greater Noida, Noida,
    • Faridabad, Gurugram etc.
    • Well ventilated rooms
    • Huge playground for your kids
    • 24 Hours power back up
    • Modern Club House
    • Earthquake Resistant structure
    • Ample Parking space

3. Affordable Price Range

In addition to the above, you may find the top rated 3 Flats in NH 24 Ghaziabad at highly discounted rates. The type of home, you are looking for, is completely your take; but, your budget won’t be hampered, for sure.
Don’t waste any moment now. Start booking!!!!

Own the home of your dreams in Ghaziabad with LandCraft


Housing options being offered by LandCraft GolfLinks are quite spacious and available at highly reasonable range. Check out the available property in Ghaziabad.

Having a suitable residential property is one of the major decisions that we need to take wisely. Some are lucky souls who manage to get their dream home within the budget limits. But several people have to wait for so long to get their desires fulfilled. However, if you are also one of those who have been searching for the property for so long and get nothing except a failure, it’s time to go ahead with GolfLinks- an exclusive and finest project of LandCraft Developers Pvt. Ltd. Whether you are looking forward to buy property in Raj Nagar Extension Ghaziabad or any other related region, they have the best options to offer.
IMG_2117 b
From a wide array of options available, Golf Links Villa is a worthy and latest residential property in Ghaziabad by LandCraft who delivers luxurious and quality commercial and residential projects. Being a credible builder, they always prefer to go with authentic materials and are well-versed with technology and tricks which help them make most out of the space available besides giving it a modern touch.
The best part about the project is that it has varied latest amenities and facilities that will make your lives easier and secure. The surroundings of the project with the greenery environment are truly irresistible. It helps residents stay calm and get the complete peace of mind while spending time in the spacious area of the project.

Believe it or not, these upscale ready to move flats in Ghaziabad render state-of-the-art facilities and amenities such as Swimming Pool, Community Hall, Gym, Jogging Track, Club House, Security, Kids Play Area, etc. It is to note that the lifestyle at Landcraft Golf Links Villa ensures gives you a peaceful living environment to reside in with the finest mix of work as well as play amenities.

No doubt, this high income project could appear to be a profitable asset in future. As the property is being by a worthy builder like LandCraft, GolfLinks luxurious comfortable homes play a major role in bringing people in close contact with the nature. However, if you are interested in buying 1 BHK flats in Ghaziabad, you will find plethora of options available with LandCraft.
From my personal experience, I would advise all the readers to not think anymore! Just Contact LandCraft today to grab the best residential property deal on the market.

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Under Construction 2-3-4 BHK in NH-24 Ghaziabad


LandCraft has plethora of 2-3-4 BHK under construction flats in NH-24 Ghaziabad. Read onto know more about the property in Ghaziabad.

Nowadays, space is becoming an alarming problem in the major cities. It does not matter that you have money to spare but it’s getting extremely difficult to procure lands and have the bungalow of your own. Even when you manage to take piece of land in major cities of the country like Delhi, one may get stuck up in legal battles. You never know, local goons may be there to come and disturb your work every now and then.

2Nowadays, people preferably want to buy property in Ghaziabad to stay away from such things and lead a happy and tension-free life. There are many builders coming up with remarkable projects at quite competitive rates. All you need to do is, just surf the internet and collect information about such leading real estate service providers and rely upon the one who render property that fulfills requirements without exceeding your budget limits.

With online facility, you can also have a look at the interior and exterior designs and space along with the dimensions of under construction and ready to move flats in NH-24 that these leading names in the real estate sector are providing. However, if you are interested to invest in 3 BHK flats in NH-24 Ghaziabad, you will have plethora of options in store.

Flats available with LandCraft has aluminum glazed windows with powder coating and vitrified tiles on floor, plastic paint and designer Plaster of Paris on the walls. On top of that, the anti-skid ceramic tiles on the floor in the balconies ensure that children stay safe against accidents. And the designer ceramic walls of the kitchen gives stainless look which appears quite satisfied. Be it about finding 2 BHK flats in Ghaziabad or 3 BHK flat, the residential projects offered by them are truly one-of-a-kind.

Location advantage

Locations of the project are indeed an advantage. For instance, the Raj Nagar Extension is the flagship project spreading acres of land and gives the city a wonderful appearance. It has been observed that the location advantage surely live up to the expectations of dwellers who are most MNC head honchos hopping cities every day.

Even when you want to go with 4 BHK flats in Ghaziabad, LandCraft has many offers that come with heavy discounts. Well, it’s not something you have to visit a residential property fair at a particular time of the year to avail these offers, just walk into the office and simply ask for it!

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