Are You Sure You’re Ready to Buy a Property in Ghaziabad?


So, you have finally made your mind to buy a property in Ghaziabad? But, are you ready for it? Are you aware of everything that takes in buying a property?DSCN5620This blog highlights all the potential factors that a buyer must keep in mind before investing in a residential property. Unless and until you understand these points, you are not ready to buy your home in Ghaziabad. So, scroll down and check out the most important points to consider.

1. Scrutinizing The Property’s Title

First of all, you must know that the property of your interest should have a clear title. To investigate this, you can do the following –

  • Check the original title deeds.
  • Going through the documents of title.
  • If the property is located in a society, search the society’s record.
  • Advertise a public notice in newspapers regarding your claims on the property.

2. Check Sanctioned Plans

If you are looking for under construction 1, 2, 3 bhk flats in Ghaziabad, make sure you check the commencement and sanctioned plans by the concerned authority. In case of ready to move flats, check the completion certificate. If the property is sold by someone else on the owner’s behalf, check the power of attorney.

3. Check The Ready Reckoner Rates

Do check the ‘ready reckoner rates’ before buying your new home. As per reports, it is about to increase, which will eventually be a burden on the buyers. So, this is the perfect time to be investing in the flats in Ghaziabad. If you are unaware of what these rates are, you must know that these rates are one of the major sources of income or revenue for the government.

4. Check The Actual Size Of The Apartment

Generally, the apartment size mentioned in the brochure includes super built-up area, which could be almost 30% more than the actual size of the apartment. So, you must visit the site and check the actual size of the flat.

5. Check The Future Prospects

Checking the future infrastructural plans near the property is very important. For example, metro connectivity, highways and expressways near your home will make it easy for you to travel to work, college etc. This will also improve the value of your property.

Buying a home is everyone’s dream. Obviously, no one wishes to live in a rented home. So, before you actually finalize the home-buying deal, do keep such points in mind.


NH 24: The New Way for Property Investment in Ghaziabad


To experience a massive boost in the sales velocity, micro markets in Ghaziabad are continually focusing on introducing pocket friendly housing solutions. As a result of this, the city has evolved as one of the hottest locations in NCR for property investment. Right from Raj Nagar Extension to NH24, Ghaziabad commits avant-garde investment options to watch out for. Hence, if property investment in on your cards these days, do keep an eye on the micro markets of Ghaziabad, especially NH24.LCDReports convey that during 2008-2018, NH 24 witnessed 70% increase in the average range value of property rates. Hence, it can be expected that property in NH 24 is only going to get better and better for the investors.

Here are some potential reasons as to why you should invest in villa, plots, shops in NH 24 –

  1. Highway Connectivity
    First and foremost, the reason why NH 24 is the best property investment destination is its connectivity. The highway connects you to Delhi, Noida, Lucknow and entire Uttar Pradesh, including cities like Ghaziabad, Bareilly, Hapur and Moradabad. Hence, investing here will make sure that you face no travel issues.
  2. Metro Connectivity
    This place also offers you superb metro connectivity, which makes it easier for you to travel to Noida, Delhi and Gurugram. The recently inaugurated ‘shaheed sthal’ metro station instantly connects you to Dilshad Garden and other regions of Delhi. Apart from this, you also get connected to Noida sector 62 metro station, which is the major reason why the number of investments is increasing day by day.
  3. NH 24 Widening
    NH 24 has always been an investor’s favourite destination. However, most of the potential home buyers restrained from purchasing ready to move flats in NH 24. The reason behind this is traffic congestion. To curb this issue, the highway is finally getting widened, after which, it would be easier for people to commute without facing any major traffic problem.
  4. Proposed Metro Plan To NH 24
    According to a proposed metro plan route, the New Bus Adda metro line may extend to Lal Kuan NH24, covering areas like, Chaudhary Mod, Ghanta Ghar and Bhatia Mod. This clearly indicates that the future holds a lot of potential in its kitty and with such amazing projects and continuous infrastructural developments, flats in NH 24 Ghaziabad are a must buy.

So, what’s keeping you waiting now? This is the right time to get started with property investment, as the present time allows you to buy for less and gain huge returns in the future.

How Technology Evolving the Real Estate Industry


Real estate is the world’s largest commodity valued at $217 trillion. Hence, it is quite obvious that this is one of the major industries that need to stay updated with the tech trends and the proprietary technology solutions that sprung thereafter.Technology-and-real-estate
At one hand, where some developers are in the process of adopting these technological advancements, on the other hand, there are some proactive developers, who have already begun utilizing the new tech tactics. What is most important to you is the fact that while purchasing property in Ghaziabad, you will be offered with tremendous new ways of scrutinizing the residential property. Here is how –

    1. Virtual Reality –  Property photos and 360 degree videos are a thing of the past. Now, it is the time for virtual reality, which is making a huge positive impact on the real estate industry. Buyers can now enjoy a 3D virtual tour of their property, right from the convenience of their homes. This implies that photos, videos and VR are incorporated in such a manner that it becomes easy for buyers to navigate floor plans.
    2. Block chain – If you keep yourself updated with what’s going on in the market, you might certainly have heard this term – block chain. It refers to bit coin and other crypto currencies and is introduced in the sector to standardize as well as scale online transactions. Through this technology, the buyers will be able to track their offer transparently.
    3. The Cloud – Another way technology is evolving real estate in Ghaziabad is through ‘cloud’ and other data management applications. Processes which used to be long, frustrating and inefficient are now easier to perform. One of the biggest examples for cloud technology is electronic signature. Through this feature, you can sign the contract, purchase agreement or any other document on your device from any location in the world.
    4. Smartphone and Social Media – One of the biggest gifts of technology is a Smartphone. Using Smartphone, one can easily browse websites of different developers, check and compare the property rates of different flats in Ghaziabad, note the trending location in the market and so on. Apart from this, social media has given a huge platform to builders to come to the front and talk to their potential customers directly. This is why through the interactive nature of social media, buyers also have the advantage to keep updated with the newly launched projects and varied offers.

This is just the beginning. With time passing by, more technology updates are going to hit the industry, which will only escalate the customer’s buying experience.


Book Ready To Move Flats Packed With Amenities


Want to live a fulfilling life? Want to give your kids a pleasant atmosphere to live in? If yes, why not try investing in a property In Ghaziabad?

Ghaziabad is one of the hottest market today, promising the maximum returns on investment to the potential home buyers. Apart from an investment point of view, this city offers a clean and green environment to live in. With a lower cost of living index, ease of access to modern amenities, job opportunities and increasing infrastructural developments, the smart city is one of the best choices to live in, in the entire NCR region.

Further, with an increasing number of housing projects, it has become very easy for even the middle class people to purchase 1 or 2 bhk flats in Ghaziabad within budget. So, if you live in a rented home and want to shift to your own home, or are simply looking for an ideal place where your kids can have a better future, book ready to move flats in Ghaziabad instantly.

Types of Facilities You Can Get
If you research about the flats available in Ghaziabad, you will find that there are different types of facilities available to the buyers. Some of the most common facilities are mentioned below –

  • Club house facilities
  • Modern gymnasium
  • Covered parking area
  • 24 hours security
  • Water supply
  • Power backup facility
  • Spacious play area for children
  • Close proximity to educational, medical and recreational facilities
  • Connects easily with Delhi, Noida and other major cities
  • RERA certification
  • Greenery all over
  • Cafeteria
  • Swimming pool
  • Commercial complex within campus
  • TT tables

Depending on the housing project you choose, these facilities may add or subtract. Therefore, it is very important to analyze your needs first, and then look for the right project or flat(s) that delightfully satisfies your needs.
River heights and GolfLinks are two popular housing projects in the city that offer all the facilities mentioned above. Hence, if you are looking for all such facilities to be included in your home, you know you have found the right destination. Honestly, real estate in Ghaziabad is very lucrative, and this is the right time to get started with investment. Owing to the numerous infrastructural developments in the city, the property value has considerably increased and is expected to increase further as well. So, make the most of the present moment, when the price of flats is quite feasible for your budget range.

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Hurry Up!! Buy Flats Under Scheme In LandCraft GolfLinks & River Heights


Have you ever heard about LandCraft? If you are into buying properties or are looking for one in Ghaziabad, you must have definitely heard about this real estate brand.

As you may know, LandCraft is one of the renowned developers in Ghaziabad that has offered some of the most profound housing projects in Ghaziabad. Currently, it is offering lucrative flats In Raj nagar extension (River Heights) and NH24 (GolfLinks) Ghaziabad. Hence, if you are actively looking for an investment-worthy property in Ghaziabad, do check the LandCraft flats in River Heights and GolfLinks.

These flats are available under different schemes, as per the convenience of the buyers. So, plan your decision accordingly –

  1. Payment Plan Scheme
River Heights GolfLinks
Down payment plan

·         10% of bsp at the time of booking

·         80% of bsp within 60 days

·         10% of bsp when possession is offered


Flexi plan

·         10% of bsp at the time of booking

·         40% of bsp within 60 days

·         10% of bsp at the time of casting of 2nd floor slab

·         10% of bsp at the time of casting of 5th floor slab

·         10% of bsp at the time of casting of 8th floor slab

·         10% of bsp at the time of casting of top floor slab

·         5% of bsp at the time of brickwork

·         5% of bsp when possession is offered

Super flex payment plan for tower 17

·         10% of bsp at the time of booking

·         10% of bsp within 120 days of booking

·         10% of bsp within the next 240 days of booking

·         65% of bsp after 24 months of booking or at the time of fitout

·         5% of bsp when possession is offered

10:40 / 40:10 payment plan

·         10% of bsp at the time of booking

·         40% of bsp within 60 days of booking

·         40% of bsp within 120 days of booking

·         10% of bsp when possession is offered


*More options are available

  1. Floor Plan Scheme
River Heights GolfLinks
1 Bed Room + 1 Toilet

2 Bedroom + 2 Toilet


1 Bed Room + 2 Toilet

2 Bed Room + 2 Toilet

3 Bed Room + 2 Toilet

3 Bed Room + 3 Toilet + Store

3 Bed Room + 4 Toilet + Study


*More options are available along with varying carpet area

Both the flats In NH24 Ghaziabad and Raj Nagar Extension are considered to be the perfect choice for real estate investment. Hence, depending on your needs, budget and other factors, you can search for the right home under such flexible schemes.

Specification & Highlights Of LandCraft GolfLinks Apartments In NH24 Ghaziabad


What do you dream about in your ‘home sweet home’? Is it a paradise surrounded by all types of modern lifestyle facilities? Or is it a strategically placed home, giving you a practical approach to life?
Whatever your aspirations be, you can turn them into reality by investing in the right property in Ghaziabad. Yes, Ghaziabad offers you some of the most pocket friendly, yet lavish housing solutions that fulfill all of your complex housing needs with utmost satisfaction.
So, if you are eager for an investment in the smart city, GolfLinks is where you must get started.
It is a renowned housing project by LandCraft that offers beautifully laid residential complex, coupled with premium lifestyle facilities. Owing to its location, quality promise, RERA certification and several other factors, this project is constantly gaining huge appreciation in the market. Hence, if you invest here, you are surely gonna come across several benefits.
Listed below are some of the major specifications and highlights of the apartments available in GolfLinks.

LandCraft GolfLinks

LandCraft GolfLinks

GolfLinks Apartments Specifications

  • Chromium plated bathroom fittings
  • White sanitary fittings
  • Perfect internal finish and electrification
  • Vitrified tile flooring in master bedroom, bedroom, dinning room and kitchen
  • Granite kitchen counter
  • Non skid ceramic tiles in bathroom
  • Hardwood door frames
  • Skin moulded door shutters in bedroom
  • Earthquake resistant structure in RCC frame
  • Weather shield / Apex external finish

GolfLinks Apartments Highlights

  • Close proximity to educational and medical facilities
  • Crystal club facilities, such as cafeteria, library, swimming pool, gymnasium etc.
  • Shopping plaza to meet your daily shopping needs
  • Spacious parking area
  • Round-the-clock security features
  • Safe area for children to play
  • Proximity to the popular market of Kavi Nagar and Shastri Nagar
  • Latest technology
  • Reputed schools and colleges in the vicinity

Looking at the information stated above, it is clearly evident that GolfLinks is the right destination where you can dwell peacefully with your family.
However, apart from these specifications and highlights, there are some other reasons as well that add credibility to the project.

  • Proximity to Ghaziabad metro (Shaheed Sthal)
  • Instant availability of public transport
  • Eco-friendly location

All of these combined together, make the purchase of apartments in NH24 Ghaziabad a wise decision. One, who is actively looking for a lucrative property in the smart city, should definitely consider GolfLinks as his priority. So, get going with the investment..!!

Plots, Lands For Sale In NH-24 Ghaziabad


The lifestyle choices we make have a direct impact on our savings. No matter you are working for more than 8 years, 9 years or even 10 years, the real savings in your account would not be too high to make an investment in any asset. Although this might not seem as an issue at present.Cutting back on expenses is no solution for this. You will have to think of an investment option that doesn’t let you compromise with your lifestyle choices. Real estate investment in NH 24 is the ideal solution. The property rates here are average that someone with a medium budget can easily invest and get good returns on investment. You can even apply for a home loan and get started with futuristic investment without any glitch.

Plots Highlights

  1. Free hold plots
  2. small, medium, and big, All size plots Available
  3. Super market in near plot section
  4. Plots with main entrance from NH-24 Ghaziabad
  5. 24*7 security
  6. Water supply & Power backup facility.
  7. Plots in gated township

p3Here are some very useful benefits of investing in a property in Ghaziabad at NH 24 –

  1.  Location Advantage: Due to the national highway 24, investing at this place becomes a worthy deal, as it helps you connect with the nearby cities, such as Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Gurugram etc.
  2. No Traffic Issue: After the completion of the ‘widening of NH 24’ project, the traffic issue at the place would be finished forever. Not just this, the property value is also expected to rise with this project.
  3. RERA Certified Plots: Here you will even get the opportunity to invest in plots that are RERA certified and are available from reputed builders like LandCraft. This way you get the assurance that your buyer rights would not be violated.
  4. Green and Clean: The place is quite famous for its greenery and cleanliness. Hence, if you plan to build a home at the plot, in some future date, you will be rest assured that the place is ideal to live with family.

In simple words, investing in the residential plots in Ghaziabad at NH 24 is a clear way to live your life the way you want, without having to compromise with your living standards and keep getting huge returns as part of your savings.