Independent House Vs Flat/Apartment


A big house or a luxury Flat? It has become an endless debate as with changing time the priorities and opinions of people have also changed drastically when it comes to investing in an independent house or a 2BHK/3BHK Flat.

Undoubtedly, housing is one of the basic needs of any family dwelling in urban cities. The increasing rate of migration from rural areas to urban cities has resultant into a situation where in the place of independent houses has been taken over by the independent flats or floors. In addition, a flat comes handy with all possible amenities like a club house and a terrace garden; the maintenance expense is also not a problem when you are buying a flat.

Independent House Vs Flat/Apartment 

Independent House Vs Flat/Apartment

When buying a flat, you need to make sure that the real estate developer has a good track record and using high quality construction material. According to expert real estate players, people who have sold their independent houses in order to move into flats are regretting their decision later on, as the quality of construction of flats are not up to the mark, especially the plumbing and electricity.

There are other factors like family size, location, price and security that affect people’s decision of whether to buy house or a flat. An independent house would require additional security guard or staff unlike apartments. You have to ensure presence of a tenant every time when you’re away out of station. It is better to strive for more lease contracts for an independent property and short term for the flats.

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